Investment Terms

All investments are made by the GWC Innovator Fund, which is a US dollar fund, registered in the Cayman Islands. The fund will take reasonable actions to invest in the winners of G-Startup Worldwide regardless of their country of origin. However, if the regulations of a country do not allow or make it difficult for the Global Innovator Fund to invest, the startup may need to redomicile to a country that will allow the fund’s investment. Investments will be made in the form of a convertible note wherever possible. We typically use 500 Startup’s KISS Notes as a standard. The valuation cap and discount are not standardized and differ according to the stage and funding history of the winning startup. In countries where a convertible note does not meet local regulations or customs, a direct equity investment will be made based on negotiated terms. G-Startup Worldwide and the GWC Innovator Fund reserve the right not to invest in a winning startup if agreeable terms cannot reached. All investments will be made at the discretion of the GWC Innovator Fund. Placing & Winning the competition (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place) in regional and global rounds does not guarantee an investment, and GWC Innovator Fund reserves the right to withhold investment at any time.


所有的投资均由 GWC Innovator Fund (注册于开曼群岛的美元基金) 提供。 该基金会在合理范围内投资全球范围内G-Startup Worldwide 获奖团队。然而,如果一个国家的法规不允许GWC Innovator Fund 的投资或者让投资过程很困难,该获奖团队将需要注册到另一个国家使得基金可以投资。投资将是可换股票据的形式。我们通常使用500 Startups的KISS Notes作为标准。估值上限和折扣不是标准化的,根据获奖团队的阶段和资金历史而有所不同。如果可换股票据的形式与该国家的法规相冲突,我们将根据谈判条款进行直接股权投资。G-Startup Worldwide和GWC Innovator Fund 可保留权利,如果不能达成协议,不投资获胜团队。所有投资将由GWC Innovator Fund 自行决定。在分站和全球比赛中获得名次(第一,第二和第三名)并不能保证投资,GWC Innovator Fund 随时保留投资的权利。