Frequently Asked Questions

What is the structure of every team’s presentation during the event?

Every team is given 4 minutes of pitching, ~2 minutes of Q&A, and ~1 minute of transition.

Questions regarding the format of the presentation

PDF ONLY, no Power Point or Keynote. No live videos. No Sound other than speaker’s voice.

Will there be an exhibition booth for every team at the event?


On the event day, what time are we expected to get ready?

You should arrive at 11:00 AM to register, set up your Demo Booth, and network with investors, etc.

Suggestions on how to engage with investors

There will be numerous investors at our events. Please research the ones you know will be there and target the ones who have the highest chance of investing in your company. Follow up multiple times with investors who show interest. Be aggressive and thoughtful. We will give more advice on how to speak with investors at PitchCamp.


We will have various media at each of our events. After doing this all over the world we have seen that the startups who have their own PR teams receive the most press. We strongly recommend hiring/bringing a PR firm to maximize this opportunity. If you have press that wishes to attend the event please contact Megan Liu to receive a free press pass. Create a press kit that includes the company story, fact sheet (key statistics, achievements and important dates in its history), biographies of founders/chairman, new product release, FAQs, press release, news coverage, marketing assets, etc. Press is lazy and you will increase your chance of press if you do their job for them.

Another tip to receive press is to announce something news worthy! For example a new product launch, new feature, new key hire, new capital raise, etc that isn’t already public. It will also impress the judges that you’re shipping new product and/or improving your business.